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Project Description
WinForms application for extracting screenshots and thumbnails from the websites.

It has the following features:
* extracting screenshots and thumbnails from the selected websites;
* oppurtunity to select size from the list of standard predefined formats;
* oppurtunity to set size manually both for the screenshots and thumbnails;
* automatically saving to the selected ditectory;
* oppurtunity to define saving masks.

How to use:

int width = 1024;
int height = 768;
int thumbWidth = 150;
int thumbHeight = 150;
Uri uri = new Uri("");

WebScreenshotExtractor web = new WebScreenshotExtractor(uri, width, height, thumbWidth, thumbHeight);
web.ScrollingEnabled = false;

// pictureBox, thumbBox - your Image controls
pictureBox.Image = web.GetImage();
thumbBox.Image = web.GetThumbnail();

Software screenshot:


Sample images:


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